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There has never been a better time to start your business in 2018🚀

Over the holidays, you may have read the articles on the past #10YearsofStoke from Alex and all of eternity from Bryce. Now let’s imagine what the next decade could look like for us together.

Do you have solutions to some of our biggest issues? Or, have a business you know could succeed? In Revelstoke there are dozens of innovative startups as well as tech businesses you may not have heard of like Sniper Action Photo and Cronometer. Other unnamed ones are building transportation systems, optimizing adventure tourism and uncovering ways to utilize wood waste. More big changes are on the way.

2018 is time to launch a business, and Revelstoke is the ideal place to do it. With business innovations and support services, it is quickly increasing its skilled and motivated workforce of healthy, active people. You’ve heard it from visitors from all over the world: they are falling in love with our city just like you.

<Greg Hill starts his electric car>

So what does the next 10 years look like?

It’s estimated 80-plus per cent of the jobs that will exist in 2027 haven't even been invented yet! Don’t believe it, right? This is exciting. But you have to shift gears quickly and seize the moment… like now!

“The price of originality is criticism.

The value of originality is priceless."

Revelstoke 2027

A snapshot of some billion-dollar business opportunities:

  • Wood: Make biofuel and building material from wood waste. Wood production is changing completely from end-to-end, forest to furniture.

  • Food: Grow food at home all year-round. Commercial greenhouse farming = cash crops.

  • Energy: Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain drive energy-use skyward. By 2027, companies will harness solar, wind and micro-hydro to power IT centres.

  • Manufacturing: Local facilities could produce up to 50 percent of our adventure gear. Skis, bikes, boats, parts, outerwear?

  • Heli Skiing: How about drone skiing?

  • Transportation: Take an autonomous taxi or order an autonomous pizza—driverless car share will see many uses.

  • Building: 3D-printing & CNC technology makes modular home-building more affordable.

  • Robotics: A local fabrication lab could help engineer new medical products.

  • Recreation: Imagine a new drone-/robot-/AR/VR-sport? Create it!

Against our intuition, the future unfolds not linearly but exponentially, making it hard to predict just what will happen next and when. This is why the pace of technological progress tends to surprise us, and we find ourselves in situations like this:

But this is real.

So let’s do this.

Think local, build regional, go global.

Startup Revelstoke is an innovation collective for business incubation bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and mentors passionate about regenerative communities. Our mission is to get people together to take risks, experiment, support one another in both success and failures, as we create bold opportunities with technology in the Kootenays. We bring together small business with big business. Our events, programs and tools focus on social innovation and impact investing.

We are part of the Startup Community Strategy by City of Revelstoke Community Economic Development approved last month & proud to have financial support from Community Futures.

Later in January, we will feature an entrepreneur checklist posted everywhere and a new website to feature events, startups and support. The checklist will help you get started and connect you to those in the know with on the go support.

<Maker Space Weekend>

But let’s get started now.

  1. New to the game? Get on the automated HR system LinkedIn to connect with other Revelstokians and those you need to succeed.

  2. Need inspiration? Get some startup ideas on Reddit. Read about Small Business Opportunities or Top Growing Industries.

  3. Need direction? Where to start? Chat with us - Startup Revelstoke

  4. Need funding? Maybe you have your business plan dialied and need help with $$. Community Futures

  5. Need mentorship? Meet peers and talk entrepreneurship at the Mountain CoLab + Chamber of Commerce They say: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Who do you want to be? Find entrepreneur friends who will understand your struggles and give you insight.

Contact us TODAY!





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