Revelstoke Mountain Colab Policies


Provide friendly, affordable, safe and collaborative work space to our members.


  1. Mountain CoLab has a mandate to fill every seat in the space with an engaged member that enriches the collaborative community

  2. There is an official floor plan with the number of seats available for hot-desk use, dedicated-desk use, and office-desk use. Office desks are not private and will be shared with the number of coworkers pre-determined to be suited to fit in each office according to the floor plan. Hot-desk space is deemed to be any seat in the open space not occupied by a dedicated-desk assignment. Dedicated- and office-desk members are not to occupy hot desk seats.

  3. Memberships are not interchangeable.

  4. Office- and dedicated-desk assignment is at the discretion of Mountain CoLab. Once assigned an office or dedicated desk, a member has the right to keep that specific seat unless they fail to abide by the Terms & Conditions, Code of Conduct, Official Policies, or they fail to pay. Mountain CoLab may, at its discretion, relocate an assigned office or dedicated desk if the space is being reconfigured, renovated, or there are irreconcilable conflicts between members.

  5. Mountain CoLab will make every reasonable effort to put compatible coworkers together in dedicated- and office-desk arrangements.

  6. Office- and dedicated-desk members must inform the manager in writing (via e-mail or Slack) of any anticipated absence of more than one month from their assigned seat. If a dedicated- or office-desk member will be absent for more than one month, Mountain CoLab may temporarily assign another member to that seat who will assume payment for it. A dedicated- or office-desk member may hold their seat for a maximum absence of six months before it becomes forfeit. To maintain assignment of a dedicated or office desk, a member must occupy it in a semi-permanent way, defined as: using the assigned seat at least half the business days of the month.

  7. For businesses and organizations with employees (also called team members), Mountain CoLab, at its discretion, may require proof of employment or a contract term. Team members must adhere to Terms & Conditions, Code of Conduct, and Official Policies. Team members may use hot-desk level memberships, but cannot be guaranteed seat space at this tier of membership. Team members using a dedicated or office desk membership are required to occupy the seat Mountain CoLab assigns them under the same conditions as outlined for regular members.

  8. To book the Mountain CoLab open space for an event, or the boardroom (for non-members), one active Mountain CoLab member must be present during the event or meeting to act as host. Fees will apply to all open-space bookings, and all non-member boardroom bookings.

  9. Active Members may book the boardroom at no additional cost to their monthly membership. Boardroom use is reserved online, via Mountain CoLab’s website. If a member uses the boardroom without a booking, they may be asked to leave by someone with a legitimate booking, and are expected to politely comply. As a courtesy to other members, in the interest of maintaining reasonable availability, the boardroom should not be booked for more than two consecutive hours at a time by any one member during business hours (Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., excluding holidays). If, under certain circumstances, a member requires a booking of longer than two hours during these times, that member is expected to take reasonable measures to ensure sure this does no conflict with other members’ fair use of the boardroom. Members can self-manage via Mountain CoLab’s Slack channel.

  10. The board room may only be used as a meeting place, no permanent installation of office equipment or personal effects is allowed.

  11. Events and meetings must not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of Mountain CoLab by its members during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding holidays).

  12. Hosts of events and meetings are responsible for overseeing that the space is respected and left as it was found before the event, without displacing members’ personal items or equipment.

  13. It is CoLab policy that those considering a membership for the first time may have one free day trial in the hot-desk area.

  14. Members may meet with visitors for business purposes in the CoLab so long as it does not disrupt other members’ quiet enjoyment of Mountain CoLab. Meeting with visitors should preferably take place in the boardroom. Members may not provide visitors work space in Mountain CoLab, all use of the space is to be paid for.

  15. All personal property, supplies, equipment, decorations, or art left in Mountain CoLab after a membership has terminated are forfeit to Mountain CoLab if not collected within one month of termination.

  16. Mountain CoLab will provide chairs to hot-desk and dedicated-desk users. Hot-desk users must use the white chairs provided by the CoLab, and not leave anything in the space, or use monitors. Dedicated-desk users are permitted to bring their own chairs, and keep a small amount of supplies or equipment (i.e. a monitor) that doesn’t take up more space than one member should reasonably take. Office-desk users may not take white chairs into their offices, they are for the hot-desk area. Mountain CoLab has a limited supply of furniture for office-desk users, whom may need to provide their own furniture.

  17. Members may request the board of directors make an exception to any and all of these policies by writing to the manager via e-mail or Slack. The board of directors may grant an exception under special circumstances at its own discretion.

101-A Second Street East Box 2130, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0, Canada

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