Frequently asked questions

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a global movement and a cornerstone in how we work. As we move away from the tradtional 9 to 5 routine and embrace more freedom, our office needs have changed. The Colab offers a place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and remote employees an opportunity to work, collaborate, play and connect. Coworking is more than a desk, but a community which you would not find by working at home or in a coffee shop.

Is Coworking for me?

Of course it is! Coworking allows you to be selective about your work environment, the hours that you work and the coworkers you surround yourself with. We offer memberships to fit your needs and 24/7 access so that you can get first chair on a powder day, but also submit that proposal by midnight.

Who is the main point of contact?

The Mountain CoLab Society is a non-profit that operates with the support of all of it's members. As a coworking community, we ensure all long-time and new commers feel welcomed and supported with sign-up, answering questions and helping with any issues. Chloe Dumont Samson, our Executive Director can be reached by email

I'd love to check the place out, can I just drop-in?

As part of our Covid health and safety protocols, our front doors are locked to public. If interested in becoming a member or taking a tour, please be in touch by email to setup a tour of the space.

I'm ready to become a member, how do I sign up?

We're excited to have you join us! To become a member, please email us. We will provide a registration link to get you all setup with an account.

I need to make phone calls, will I be too distracting?

The Colab has three designated phone booths which are great for taking calls without distracting those around you. You are also more than welcome to book our meeting room for any of your virtual calls and zoom meetings.

What are the perks to becoming a member?

- 24/7 access - Meeting room space - Kitchen use (including espresso maker, fridge, microwave, toaster) - Printing - Networking opportunities

FAQs for Current Members

How do I unlock the front door?

Download Proximity onto you Apple or Android device. Open the App on your phone and click 'Street Level Door' under your Keys. If you'd rather not download the App, you can manage your key access by loging into the web based browser here.

How do I log onto the internet?

Wifi Network: Mountain Colab Username: Use your Proximity email Password: Use your Proximity Password

How do I book the meeting room?

The meeting room can be booked through your Proximity account. Under reservations, choose your date/time. Please note that as part of our Covid health and safety protocols, meetings are limited to 5 people in the boardroom. Please make sure your guests follow the Covid rules such as sanitizing hands and the space used after the meeting, as well as wearing mask when moving around the Colab. Thanks

What are some ways to network and get to the know the community?

The Colab is full of amazing entrepreneurs, business owners, non profits and more. Join us for '10 @ 10', our daily coffee break at 10am. Find us on Slack to stay up to date on Colab socials, networking events or just to introduce yourself/business. Join our monthly Colab social events. We look forward to getting to know you.

How do I manage my billing/invoices?

All of your billing/invoices and membership information is in your Proximity account. It is easiest to nagivate all this information through the web based browser.